Digital presence recording UX

In early December 2020, I was asked to improve the UI/UX of the current screens used to record present staff and guests in buildings of Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. I aligned the different screens with the corporate design and modified the overall design to be touch-friendly. I also added a home button to every page to be able to recover faster after a failure of the system, where the user had to wait up to 10 seconds before it refreshed the screen. Using proper input types made typing the personal numbers way easier.

In consultation with Uwe Zimmermann, who initiated the UI/UX improvement project, I submitted the proposed changes, which were then deployed in late December, shortly after lauching the original digital recording system.

UI Design
UX Design
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Used tools
Adobe XD
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Dec 2020
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About me

My (real) name is Lukas Obermann and I’m 24 years old. Currently I am a student of Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.) at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and I’ve done my B. Sc. in Media Informatics at the same university.

I’ve been using JavaScript and TypeScript for a few years now and recently started to use ReasonML and OCaml. I am a big fan of React and related libraries as well as functional programming techniques.

On the design side, I use the Adobe CC software on a regular basis, especially InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and XD. I use it for basically all projects you can find on this page – as well as the page itself.

When I’m not working, I really enjoy playing pen-and-paper games and playing the piano.