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Optolith is a project I started 2016. It is a character creation and management software for the pen-and-paper game The Dark Eye from Ulisses Spiele (Das Schwarze Auge in German). If you know pen-and-paper games, you probably know you usually need to do a lot of calculations. Optolith solves that issue. It’s primary target are beginners, who want to be guided so they don’t need to keep track of all the dependencies and costs.

I’m still the main contributor to Optolith, although there are a few other contributors due to the project being available on GitHub as Open Source. I develop the core and design and implement UI and UX concepts and improvements.

Project Management
UI Design
UX Design
Frontend Development
Used technologies
Used tools
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Visual Studio Code
Time Frame
Since Sep 2016
Project Type
Open Source
Team Members
Philipp Borucki
Contributors (see GitHub)
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About me

My (real) name is Lukas Obermann and I’m 25 years old. Currently I am a student of Applied Computer Science (M. Sc.) at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and I’ve done my B. Sc. in Media Informatics at the same university.

I’ve been using JavaScript and TypeScript for a few years now and recently started to use ReasonML and OCaml. I am a big fan of React and related libraries as well as functional programming techniques. When searching for a backend solution for web projects, I enjoy using Kirby CMS, since it’s very flexible and can adapt to (almost) all needs.

On the design side, I use the Adobe CC software on a regular basis, especially InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and XD. I use it for basically all projects you can find on this page – as well as the page itself.

When I’m not working, I really enjoy playing pen-and-paper games and playing the piano.